We aim to transcend boundaries and turn aspirations into reality
Panthera Designs' mission is to empower businesses whether they are startups with big dreams or established brands with a clear vision. We offer bespoke branding and website design for ambitious individuals and progressing businesses.  With almost a decade of experience, we have worked on over a hundred brands and companies all over the world to help them manifest their vision and bring their creativity to life.  For us, it’s more than just design, it’s strategic and well-thought out craftsmanship that will inspire, engage and live on in people’s minds. It’s about connecting people and brands and bringing joy into the world.
Vision for the future
To be a driving force behind the success stories of people and businesses across industries. We aim to transcend boundaries and turn aspirations into reality. We envision a future where every brand we collaborate with reaches its potential, becoming an embodiment of innovation and a testament to the power of strategic branding.

At Panthera Designs, we believe everyone should be able to bring their ideas to life and learn the skills to turn the spark of a creative vision into a fully-fledged business. We believe that by empowering artists, we can empower the world. As we grow, we want to invest a portion of our profits into cultivating communities that uplift local talent, nurturing a new generation of change-makers and providing a way for artists to become financially independent. Ultimately, we’d love to build creative hubs all over the world that give grassroots communities access to equipment, mentorship and creative outlets that can fuel their working futures. There would be spaces for graphic design lessons, music production, videography, business education, and various other disciplines and skillsets. Just like the panther that we take our name from, we want to stride boldly and beautifully, making real, sustainable and palpable change.
Letter from the founder
Hi, I’m Anisa, the Creative Director of Panthera Designs; a design business I founded 9 years ago as a freelancer and since 2023 has become a boutique creative studio. Now I lead a small team of designers, developers, project managers, strategists, and some of the best creative geniuses in the industry. It's a pleasure to connect with you through my brand which is deeply rooted in my personal mission and aspirations.

At Panthera, I collaborate closely with amazing people to craft brands that resonate, captivate, and succeed. My personal commitment is to guide you on a journey that not only enhances your business's identity, but also unlocks new avenues of growth and impact. To me, this is more than just design; it's a process of making the world a more fulfilling place by helping people and brands connect to each other by doing what I love.

The journey that led to the creation of Panthera Designs wasn't just about building a business; it was about gaining the freedom to chart my own path and pursue my passions. Originally, I studied business and was working in a corporate business setting before I took the leap to do something I truly loved, and so my mission is to inspire others to do the same, while also giving them a solid brand and helpful tools to do so.  

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UX/UI – Visual Identity– Editorial – Digital Design

Creative Branding– Packaging – Website - Strategy – Photography – Media

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We can talk about your vision and project brief and we define things like styles, objectives, deliverables, budget and timelines. This is also where we can dig deeper into your business, what your strategy is, how you are/will be marketing the business, talk about your demographic and positioning, etc.
/ 2
Strategic research on your industry, competitors, and compilation styles for a refined Moodboard with my thoughts and ideas for the creative direction of your brand. Sending a Moodboard before any designing takes place helps us to align our vision, minimise back and forths, and gives us a great foundation to start from. 

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This is where I get to the drawing board and throw all of my ideas onto the artboard and start experimenting with it all. In this phase, I create and explore different pieces of collateral for your brand so that I can ensure that the branding translates to multiple platforms and maintains cohesiveness.
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I assess what works and what doesn’t and develop the concept further. We continue to push the design until it starts coming to life becomes an entity of its own, creating the designed pieces that fit your brand perfectly.
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I send you the concepts and drafts for you to review. Most projects come with 2 rounds of revisions to make the final tweaks and get it perfect. You will have a few days to send feedback and I will make the edits from there.
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It's time to celebrate! After you have signed off on the final designs, I will package your files into a cloud-based folder and complete the project. Now it's the best part – seeing the project come to life and live in its glory for the world to see!