Marketing Collateral
Branding and visual identity for a unique insurance company

A new emerging insurance company required an identity that showed they were different, innovative, and progressive to standard insurance companies. Their target market are companies with high risks such as crypto, marijuana, cyber, terrorism, and AI businesses - therefore needed an identity, direction, and collateral design to reflect this.

Everything from the name, to the website was to be created. This started by exploring archetypes, creating an atmosphere for the brand and how the experience would be for their customers.

Their name RELM - is a portal to a new experience, a new dimension of reality which is mainly expressed in the Key and Hero artwork images such as the above photo. The artwork features a semi-surreal and mysterious feel. Every time you enter the Relm you know you are there by seeing the misty fog and strange light creatures. More artwork will be made to include more surreal environments and scenes of reality with a twist that will make you question what is happening, like you have reached a parallel universe; touching reflections, entering and diving into new realms.

The logo features a trio of horizontal lines symbolising new horizons, parallel shifts in dimension, and time & space. This E can be used singularly from the logotype as a symbol of the brand, featured in artwork, and used as design elements throughout.

The design is slick, fresh, intriguing to look at, and provides a new perspective of looking at corporate insurance, which is usually very plain and boring. It is for the modern innovators and risk takers, just as the types of companies Relm will insure.​

This project gives you a brief preview to the identity. Currently, this includes the creative direction, website, artwork, brochure design, letterhead, logo, and business cards. This will be expanded to different types of print and digital collateral.

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