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SpaceTech Analytics Rebrand

Aetosky is a spacetech company that provides precision data analytics and earth intelligence solutions.

The Brief:

Aetosky, previously named Skymap, needed to ambark on a new direction for the company from selling satellite imagery to transition into offering geospatial analytics. They needed a brand that was in-line with our new focus on analytics sales and climate action/net-zero sustainable development .We had a clear mission: to solidify their position in their current industries of infrastructure, agriculture, mining, forestry, and defense, and to add a new industry of sustainability. Their vision aimed to convey innovation, sustainability, and global leadership. The challenge was to transition from their outdated branding and establish a modern, unique identity that resonated with diverse audiences.


To address the brief, we embarked on an extensive brand strategy process. Drawing inspiration from their mission, we crafted a concept that merged innovation, technology, and the spirit of exploration. The name Aetosky comes from the name of greek god of the Sky, Zeus and his eagle messenger and companion, Aetos, merged withSky from the previous name. As Aetosky is a company specializing in cutting-edge satellite, drone, and aerial analytics solutions, the logo icon created is an eagle in the shape of an 'A,' which also represents a satellite. The eagle is pointed upward is a symbol of ambition, growth, and advancement. The design of the icon was crafted with sharp cuts to show precision, mirroring the eagle's keen vision and Aetosky's dedication to earth observation from the skies and outer space.


Our color palette, typography, and tech elements were carefully chosen to convey innovation and sustainability. We added edgy shapes reminiscent of tech interfaces to highlight Aetosky's cutting-edge position. We utilized a gradient background with light refraction, symbolizing an ever-changing landscape and innovation in spacetech, all framed within the contrast of black space around it to represent new horizons. This execution harmonized with Aetosky's vision, emphasizing innovation and sustainability while reinforcing their role as observers of data from space.

And lastly, we anchored the brand's concept and mission with the tagline, 'Navigating Beyond Horizons'.

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