Well and Truly

Marketing Collateral
Branding and visual identity for a brand strategy and wellness company

Well and Truly are a new brand started by two sisters offering something new to the corporate scene. Offering workshops which focus on corporate strategy mixed with mental wellness and health.

The brand’s personality encompasses a corporate feel mixed with something modern, fresh and new. All aspects of the brand should portray being energetic, healthy, inspirational, clarity, and holistic.

A bold colour selection which gives viewers the feeling of excitement, creativity, inspiration, and empowerment. The palette is inspired by both autumn and spring – a natural transition and period symbolising the shedding of what you no longer need and evolving into something even greater.

The icon encompasses a monogram of the letters W and T for ‘Well & Truly. It also shows a tree and roots symbolizing growth and balance. The icon was created from the shape of a circle, two halves coming together both vertically and horizontally – representing balance, coming together, collaboration, and reflection.

A full Brand Manual was created along with brand stationery and a 21-slide presentation template. The photography which is featured on the website was also taken by me as part of the project.


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