BUOY Vintage

Marketing Collateral
Fashion lookbook and branding for limited edition collection

This is the second installment for BUOY. This Retro and Vintage themed line shows a lot of leather - showcasing limited edition pieces and there's even an introduction of banana leaf leather!

BUOY is a passion project of mine. It comprises of a few values:

• Sustainability of the environment - BUOY will donate 5% of its profits toward ocean conservation and rehabilitation research.

• The brand focuses on edgy 'women who run shit' and represents the feminist movement

• Cruelty-free - All clothing is vegan and ethically sourced and produced with high-quality materials.

• Diversity - Models used are from all backgrounds, with some representing LGBT+. A lot of the label will be unisex.​

Target audience: Primarily females, but all genders aged 16-30. Vegan and environmentally conscious individuals

Pages: 24

Photographer: Johan-JK Photography

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